1) To Dr. Fu: “You are very kind, considerate and sympathetic. Your medical treatments enlighten our health. You are our guardian Angel.” — Eliza & Bernard

2) To Dr. Fu: “I want to say ‘Thank You’ in a warm and special way – I appreciate your caring much more than words can say.” —Jennifer

3) Two years ago, I tried acupuncture for the first time in an effort to get relief from chronic pain. Dr. Fu of Greenlife Health provided the help I needed. Dr. Fu is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate medical professional. I recommended Dr. Fu to anyone in need of the relief acupuncture can provide. — Mary K

4) I just completed 6 treatments with Dr Rong Fu for a shoulder problem (rotor cuff / tendonitis) which had extended to my neck and down my arm and I am more than pleased results.

I have had this shoulder problem for more than 4 months and following my own treatments of ice, heat and stretching followed by 5 sessions of physio-therapy had “zero” success. I was starting to get concerned as I had been advised that this could be a long term problem. A colleague from work had a similar problem and suggested I try acupuncture from Dr Rong Fu, as he had had a very positive results; although he had only had his shoulder problem for a month. I was somewhat skeptical as I had never had this type of treatment before. Well as a somewhat last resort to deal with my nagging shoulder issue I took a chance and went to see Dr. Rong Fu.

Well all I can say I am “more than glad” to have done the acupuncture and cupping therapy/treatment and have what appears to be almost complete relief. After several months of pain and discomfort it looks like I am now on the way to full recovery.

Thank you Dr Rong Fu for your efforts and work to turn my situation around.
— Ron Sutsch

5) My experience with Dr. Fu at Greenlife Health acupuncture clinic has been very impressive! I am 62 years old and have psoriasis problem; also my tongue has been bleeding and thickly coated for months. I have been to specialists, doctors and dentists had every test imaginable. Had taken lots of pills and mouthwashes prescribed, nothing has helped. Dr. Fu looked in my mouth and told me what my health problem is. After the first treatment, the bleeding stopped. Now 7 weeks later, my tongue is turning pink and best of all I can taste food again! Also my psoriasis has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Fu! I feel so blessed to have found you!
— June R

6) I highly recommend Greenlife Health Acupuncture. They are very friendly, extremely talented and very hands-on able to answer any questions you have. Try to knock off the rest of you day from work or big activities so you can let the benefits of the treatment settle in. — Sonja G.

7) Excellent Care! — Belinda D.